All employers who are subject to the Occupational Health and Safety Act must comply with Regulation 1101.

The Regulation states what each employer is obligated to provide in the workplace and Section 82 of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act authorizes the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (the Board) to surcharge employers who do not comply with these first aid requirements.

Regulation 1101 – First Aid Training for Workers

Regulation 1101 requires all employers to ensure that first aid boxes and stations are in the charge of workers who hold valid first aid certificates issued by a training agency recognized by the Board.

Here is a list of what this regulation requires the employer to do:

  • Provide and maintain first aid equipment, facilities, and trained first aiders in the workplace. The specific requirements depend on the number of workers employed in any one shift and the type of work being done. Consult the regulations for the minimum requirements that apply to your workplace.
  • Post the WSIB’s large, black and yellow poster called, “In All Cases of Injury/Disease” in a place or places where all workers can see it. (Known as Form 82, this poster outlines the legal responsibilities and obligations of both the employer and worker when an injury or illness happens on the job.)
  • Make sure first aid is given immediately.
  •  Make sure there is a record of the first aid treatment or any advice given to an employee.
  • Complete and give Form 156 to the employee (“Treatment Memorandum”) if more than first aid treatment or advice is needed.
  • Provide immediate transportation to a hospital, doctor, or the employee’s home.
  • Submit a Form 7 to the WSIB within three days of learning of an accident. This form is also known as “Employer’s Report of Accidental Injury/Industrial Disease.”