Access Any Course, Any Time from One Convenient Location

Access an extensive library of professional safety training courses through one online portal. You no longer need to go to one company for their online driver training and then another company for their online First Aid; we bring them all together for you in one convenient location.

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Ask Yourself The Following Questions.

Would you like to:
  • Reduce incidents and improve employee safety through effective online training?
  • Train many employees on short notice?
  • Easily train different employees at different times?
  • Train employees so that they receive the knowledge and certifications they need to get onto the work site?
  • Confirm everyone is certified and be able to instantly access their training cards?
  • Avoid pre-paying for courses that you may not use?
  • Access the latest online safety courses as soon as they become available?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, the eSafety Program may be perfect for you.

Through the eSafety Program you receive administrative access to your own customized online learning portal where you can set up accounts for your employees and assign courses as needed so the training is ready when they need it. There are no setup costs, no contracts, and no pre-purchases required. You only pay for what you use. It couldn’t be easier!

There are many benefits to the eSafety Program including:

  • Online access to certificates
  • Detailed course completion reports including full name, completion time, date and score
  • Email notification as courses are completed
  • Employee feedback

For a complete list of online courses, click here.